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School Improvement Council (SIC)


SIC is a broad-based community advisory group comprised of parents, teachers, and community members established in every school. This advisory group works with the principal to cultivate a positive school environment supporting student success. 

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SIC Duties

SIC Elected officers

SIC Chairperson-Frank Ramirez

SIC Vice Chairperson-Joy Hazard

Secretary-Koasta Bates

Teacher Elect-Malinda Schurlknight

Meeting Dates - Click on the date to see Meeting Agendas & notes Website Resources

Training Videos

The Basics of Organizing an SIC

The Basics of Operating an SIC

Basic Local SIC Duties

See Attached PowerPoint on SIC Duties taken from the video above.

SIC Information

This is Your SIC - A Handbook for Effectiveness

SIC Annual Compliance Checklist (PDF)

Toolkits for Local SICs

Reporting to the State:

SC-SIC Member Network

SIC Activities Resource Library

Volume 1: Support for Student Learning

Volume 2: The School Environment

Volume 3: Family-School Partnerships

Volume 4: School-Community Partnerships

Volume 5: Health and Wellness

Volume 6: SIC Advocacy Projects

SC-SIC Riley Award for School Improvement Council Excellence